Pleased to meet you: Lisa Lindström

19 mei 2021

EY VODW is part of an international movement. Professionals from EY who are passionate about the future and want to help shape it. You can find us worldwide and we are united under the flag of EY Design and Engineering.

In this section we introduce you to some of our colleagues from this collective. With 5 questions, 4 dilemmas. That is all it takes to get to know someone. Never mind past experiences and skills. For that we kindly refer you to LinkedIn. Choices speak louder than endorsements. If you have to choose, Lisa Lindström – and you have to - who do you prefer: Musk or Branson?


Question - What is your current state of mind?
“Excited, curious, open with a slice of pandemic-fatigue.”

Dilemma - Work for life or retire early?
“Does not matter. Choose a life that is meaningful. Period.”

Question - How would you describe your personal brand in 10 words or less?
“Loud, creative, collaborative, impatient, kind, impact-driven Swede.”

Dilemma - Greta or Angela?
“Both! Society needs the younger triggers with experienced and sustainable execution skills.”

Question - What business are you transforming at the moment?
“A former big 4 company that wants to transform into the new 4, a traditional trucks company that wants to move into sustainable services and a health innovation cluster that wants to create a world-class arena for health transformation.”

Dilemma - Knowledge-driven or relationship-driven?
“Relationship-driven. Relationships give you collective knowledge.”

Question - What is your guilty pleasure?
“Great coffee, great wine and fancy pens.”

Dilemma - Elon Musk or Richard Branson?
“Musk. When in doubt, go bold!”

Final question - Which valuable learning in business transformation would you like to share?
“Client challenges may be solved using different mindsets and approaches. Be open towards people who bring an alternative toolset to the one you master. It is when these are combined we can make some radical business and societal impact.”

Lisa is founder and CEO of EY Doberman & CXO at EY Design and Engineering.


EY VODW maakt deel uit van het internationale EY design and engineering network. Voor meer informatie:

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