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Our transformation managers are specialists who know exactly what the implications of a transformation are. They ensure that the organisation is in line with the strategy, for the right people in the right place, organize teams and give stakeholders the means to put their leadership into practice.


A solid strategy forms the basis for a successful transformation. Whether it concerns the development of a growth strategy, business model, new venture or the analysis of complex situations, VODW's business strategists use their knowledge and expertise to make the right market strategic choices.


The added value of VODW's creatives lies in discovering people's needs and behaviour and translating gained insights into exceptional customer experiences. The designers of VODW provide more creative trust and literal imagination in your and our teams.


Our data scientists are constantly looking for solutions and patterns in data from different sources. This gives them insights that are hidden to others. With these insights, they develop intelligent models that enable better strategic choices to be made and customer behaviour to be predicted and influenced.


In a world where marketing and technology go hand in hand, we need people that speak both the language of marketers and the language of IT professionals. Our marketing technologists help you make the right technology decisions and implement intelligent workflows in your next intelligent marketing platform.


Our interim professionals and data talents are a direct assets in your organisation. In addition to a broad marketing basis, they also have a specific expertise and experience profile and are immediately strategic, tactical and operational deployable in your (marketing) organisation.

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We can work together in a variety of ways. We believe in "See One - Do One - Tech One" (SoDoTo). A sustainable way that ensures that knowledge and methods are embraced and integrated into the organisation.

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