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What is the VODW Data Science Talent Program?

The VODW Data Science Talent Program is a two-year training programme for starters with 0 to 2 years of work experience. Knowledge, personal skills and work are the key points. You will start with an intensive data science course that takes 5 weeks. We will take you into the world of data and you will get a kick-start so that you can get started with our customers in no time.

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This is what you will learn

Commercial analytics

Customer experience, pricing analytics, marketing technologie, programmatic marketing.

Data tools

Excel, SQL, R, Python, Tableau, Tensorflow.

Data techniques

Descriptive analytics, visualisation techniques and predictive analytics.

Personal skills & impact

Personal pitch, dashboard design, design thinking, working agile.


After five weeks, you're ready to go!

After this intensive training of five weeks, we introduce you to our customers and you'll be taking part in projects. You  pawill be part of a team and work on-site for 4 days a week. The fifth day you will be at VODW for in-depth training and education. During the program you will be doing 3 to 6 assignments for different clients in different sectors. The projects are at the intersection of data and marketing. VODW usually works on a temporary basis for customers. So you will be an 'interim data science specialist' employed by VODW.

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What do we need from you? 

In order to become a data science specialist, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • A completed academic programme related to STEM 0 to 2 years of work experience.
  • Genuine Interest in marketing intelligence and data science
  • Affinity with marketing
  • Good command of the Dutch and English languages
  • An enthusiastic, eager to learn and curious personality
  • Fulltime available as of 1 April 2018

What do we offer you?

During the two years of the the Data Science Talent Program, VODW offers you the following benefits:

  • Good compensation, car, laptop and phone
  • Intensive data science training for five weeks
  • Three day training abroad including visit to startup companies.
  • Ongoing training and coaching for two years.
  • The opportunity to gain a lot of experience at Dutch Top 50 companies.
  • A two year contract.

Your future?

After two years you will have become a broad ranged data professional. You will work in our field of expertise, marketing. You will know all there is to know about the commercial applications of data. Data-tooling and data-techniques hold no secrets for you. On top of that, you will have learned how to deliver a ‘strong personal pitch’.

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Sander van der Hoek
Teamleider DSTP

Data Science Talent Program for companies

With the Data Science Talent Program (DSTP) we offer talented millennials with academic qualifications a two-year learning and work program suited to the needs of this generation. Participants are trained to be excellent analysts with consultancy skills, and work with a coach on their personal effectiveness.

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