You are sitting on a mountain of data. Who is going to mine it?

VODW has the data scientists you couldn't find.

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VODW has the data scientists you couldn't find

You know that on the basis of your customer data you can innovate your customer service and thus strengthen your competitive position. However, you need good data scientists for this, who not only extract data, but also help you to optimise processes. They are hard to find. In the long run, a shortage of 8000 data scientists is expected. Moreover, these millennials are less focused on a career within a single company. Personal development and ever new challenges are much more important to them.

Our Solution: DSTP

With the Data Science Talent Program (DSTP), we offer talented millennials with a completed academic education a two-year apprenticeship program that fully meets the needs of this generation. The talents are trained as excellent analysts with consultancy skills and work with a coach on their personal effectiveness.

After an intensive introduction, they are deployed four days a week at clients. This not only provides these companies with a motivated and talented data scientist for a longer period of time; it also ensures that he or she is supported by top VODW consultants. All at an attractive rate.

You immediately have a data scientist who...

  • provides quick and good insight into data
  • understands your strategy and uses data to achieve it
  • optimises your processes and helps permanent colleagues to secure this
  • can fall back on the support of experienced consultants from VODW

You also ensure that...

  • continuity and quality are secure
  • you save on extra recruiting and  onboarding costs
  • you hire high-grade expertise at an attractive rate

The three pillars of the Data Science Talent Program

Analytical skills

The programme covers descriptive analytics, predictive analytics and visualisation techniques. The data science specialists are very skilled with the most common tools and are able to apply them in practice. The training focuses on the following tools: Excel, R, SQL, Python, TensorFlow and Tableau.

Consultancy skills

Highly experienced VODW consultants teach participants on the basis of their own practical experience, for example, how to identify the right question, how to present on the basis of the pyramid principle and how to apply stakeholder management. Important themes such as agile working, lean product development and design thinking are also addressed.

Personal Skills

In two years, the data science talents will be trained as fully-fledged specialists. To this end, all talents are given a personal coach from the ranks of VODW. They are constantly challenged on their own learning goals in order to increase both their personal and substantive effectiveness.


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Who are these young professionals who, after careful selection, have been admitted to the VODW Data Science Talents Program? Meet them here and discover their experiences.

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Sander van der Hoek
Teamleader DSTP