How Corona Direct Verzekeringen innovates with a customer focus

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Gathering insights and testing potential concepts

In order to gain insight into obstacles that people experience when it comes to mobility, we asked consumers in Antwerp, among others, what associations they have with regard to mobility, driving a car and insuring themselves.

We used these insights to develop a first version of a number of services and to test these again in prototype form on the street. The aim is to identify the main issues among consumers and to develop the ultimate solution.


Design Assistance journey

We have modelled the Assistance service concept with more than ten underlying products and services, ranging from introduction of SMS with an emergency number to pay-per-use breakdown assistance.

To really understand what roadside assistance means and what it does to people, we spent a day with the team members and the management of Corona Direct Verzekeringen 'on the road'.

We then tested and sharpened the added value of all the underlying products and services in a series of customer validations.


Simulation of Assistance Service

Before Assistance was introduced to the market, the service was extensively tested. All operational aspects were simulated.

For example, in a 'Proof of Concept' we have proven the operation of technical solutions and tested the service among real customers in a pilot project.

All team members and partners turned in the background and used the learnings for the latest sharpening and actual implementation.


The result: centralized customer needs and a friendly dialogue

Assistance is a service whereby Corona Direct Insurance customers with a breakdown can call a special assistance team. That team ensures that, at the most vulnerable moment, help always arrives on the ground. The team directs the assistance partner and takes the ultimate care of it; it does everything it can to help the customer further.

The team also takes care of the administrative processing afterwards. This makes Assistance a service that handles the process from start to finish, with customer needs at the centre and a sympathetic dialogue with the Corona Direct Insurance brand.

Interested in collaboration?

We can work together in a variety of ways. We believe in "see one - do one - teach one". A sustainable way that ensures that knowledge and methods are embraced and integrated into your organisation.

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