How Eneco creates new energy in the commercial organisation

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From traditional organisation to agile teams

The energy sector faces a major strategic challenge: the energy transition to sustainable and decentralised generation is changing the role of distribution companies. The focus is increasingly on rendering services. This requires an accelerated development of customer-focused propositions.


Design new organizational model

The important issues were the choice of brand-driven clusters and the customer missions per cluster. VODW has drawn up an analysis and an organisational plan of the changes required with regard to FTEs, decision-making processes, objectives and possible risks. A plan was submitted to the management and the Works Council within four months. After seven months, the transition is set in motion.

It is important to zoom out, maintain a helicopter view and continue to look at what you want to achieve.

Erik van Engelen - Managing Director Consumers



Onboarding and training programmes were made during this phase. In addition, all employees were interviewed about their expertise, ambitions and willingness to change. The existing management structure has been replaced by a team of product owners, expert leaders and agile coaches. Nine months after the decision to work agile, the reorganization was a fact.

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Accelerating innovation

Together with Eneco we created small multidisciplinary teams with a strong focus on specific customer missions.


Complete transition by VODW

VODW played a substantive role in translating the commercial strategy into customer mission assignments and bringing in knowledge about agile organisation, marketing expertise analysis and the preparation of the business case. In addition, VODW supervised the internal decision-making process and created support for the change.


Energy and commitment of employees

The new working method gave employees more autonomy and room for entrepreneurship. This resulted in speed, productivity and proudly satisfied employees. In addition, it had a positive effect on Eneco's labour market reputation. Eneco became one of the frontrunners in the Netherlands in the field of customer-oriented and agile organisation.

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