How to achieve a future-proof position in the mobility market

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Changing car market

With smarter cars and an increasingly collaborative economy, insurers are expecting a sharp drop in car insurance premiums. This decline could reach 80% in 2040. Our client therefore wants to develop new services that also lead to new sources of income.

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Long-term strategy from four perspectives

We analysed insights from four perspectives: customer, market, business and technology. In order to get a picture of the customer needs in the market, we used customer research methods such as context mapping, focus groups and surveys. Through intensive research into the market, business and technology, we developed a distinctive and profitable long-term strategy for an entirely new proposition.

Via banners on AutoScout24 we tested whether there is demand for the first MVPs (minimum viable products).


Quick start in inspiration phase

Based on customer needs, earning potential and market supply, we chose our starting position and gradually worked towards a solid reputation. The inspiration phase led to:

  • A supported strategy 2030.
  • Clear short term next steps.
  • Approval for the establishment of a spin-off with a substantial investment.


Lean-startup product development

We defined the first MVPs following the lean-startup method with a multidisciplinary team.

  • Real life customer research to test critical assumptions.
  • Continuous loop of 'build - try and test - improve' to define the MVP of the concept for realization.
  • Agile working in sprints of two to three weeks to present accelerated results.


The start of a corporate startup

In addition to product development, our approach was focused on starting up an entirely new company. The following points have been worked out in detail:

  • Name and branding.
  • Distribution, acquisition and product strategy.
  • Structure of data platform.
  • Marketing technology stack.
  • Pricing strategy.
  • Support from the insurer.


Construction and launch of first products

From day one, we built a community and generated valuable customer data. Important activities in the implementation phase were attracting the right employees, building a high-quality technical platform, but also launching the company with intensive marketing and PR and realising customer growth. The new brand is now fully active on the Belgian market.

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