How does Oxxio ensure more, and more relevant contact with our customers via the app?

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A crucial role in customer service

By naming the 'moments of truth' in the customer journey and determining where the Oxxio app can really make a difference.

For Oxxio, the app plays a crucial role in customer service. The customer can easily pass on his meter readings in the app and thus keep his energy consumption under his own control. Oxxio wanted to stimulate the app's use.


A redesign of the 'moments of truth’

First, we mapped out the current customer journey: which contact moments does Oxxio have with its customers? And how are these moments experienced? Based on the current situation, we mapped out the desired customer journey and named the 'moments of truth' where the Oxxio app can offer real added value. We redesigned these moments to put the use of the app at the heart of our customer journey. As a result, the number of registrations for an Oxxio account via the app has increased by more than 65%!


A distinctive customer experience via the app is the main focus

Oxxio has a clear insight into the 'moments of truth' and the desired customer experience during these moments. Focusing on the app during these moments strengthens Oxxio's distinctive character.

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