Advanced data applications

We help to initiate or accelerate the transition to a data-driven organisation. From piles of complex data, we gain insights on which business can be built to last. We predict the right price for products and services with intelligent data models and ensure clear customer insight with clear analytics.

Challenges we face

  • What is a logical roadmap to a data-driven organisation?
  • How do we accelerate innovations from internal and external data?
  • How do we achieve a 360 degree customer view and next best actions?
  • How do we ensure continuously running predictive models and repetitive insights?
  • How do we develop, implement and secure the use of dashboards and models?
  • How can we accelerate predictive use cases, possibly outside our own infrastructure?
  • How can we quickly and effectively set up a streaming analytics infrastructure?
  • How do we reap the benefits of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?
  • How can we quickly scale up our data science capacity?

Services we offer

  • Data strategy
  • Data driven transformation
  • Data engineering
  • Data analytics
  • Data Science Talent Program
  • Streaming Analytics

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We can work together in a variety of ways. We believe in "see one - do one - teach one". A sustainable way that ensures that knowledge and methods are embraced and integrated into your organisation.