Smart choices for marketing technology

Smart marketing technology is the basis of good customer experiences and strategies. Make or buy decisions are becoming increasingly important in improving the organization and the launch of new products and services. In the jungle of technological solutions, we help you to make the right choices.

Challenges we face

  • What do we do with our current martech tools if we want to transform?
  • What are the technological possibilities for 100% digital processing of customer interaction?
  • How can we segment and personalize the different customer interaction moments and automate the corresponding processes?
  • Which platforms can we use to accelerate the launch of our new concepts and new ventures?
  • How do we use marketing automation for acquisition, onboarding, cross-selling and retention?

Services we offer

  • Marketing Technology Stack design and development
  • Integration of new technologies and trends in existing ecosystems
  • Development of conversational experiences
  • Development of business rules and marketing automation flows
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead generation, conversion and nurturing

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We can work together in a variety of ways. We believe in "see one - do one - teach one". A sustainable way that ensures that knowledge and methods are embraced and integrated into your organisation.